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This page contains brief descriptionn of ministries we partner with in helping local churches succeed with men. Please check back for updates.

Check out our national and regional partners in ministry

Iron Sharpens Iron is a one day conference ministry for men ages 13 and older. The conference goal is to provide a world class resource that exalts Christ and builds into every attendees life. Conference starts on time and ends on time.

Columbia Evangelical Seminary's purpose is to provide enriching biblical, ministerial, and theological training and education via self-paced distance learning by mentorship study. CES offers the first degree ever in men's ministry. Columbia's office is located in Buckley, WA.

Steve Farrar: Men's Leadership Ministries (MLM) addresses men's issues in life and ministry. His original research into the needs of Christian men forms the basis for his relevant men's messages and his award winning books. Steve speaks and writes directly into the hearts of men.

Million Mighty Men is led by author and speaker Bill Perkins. Bill seeks to challenge a million men to commit to four key daily activities: 1. Pray, 2. Read the Bible, 3. Love family, and 4. Maintain Sexual Purity.

New Man eMagazine A Christian men's magazine with information on money, being a dad, family, marriage and sexuality, chat rooms and daily devotionals. Produced on a weekly basis this great resource is free. End users can subscribe and un-subscribe at any time.

Better DadsBetter Dads is an organization dedicated to helping people in the community by offering education in parenting and family relationships. They believe that good fathers and good men make a critical difference in our society. To help men become better dads they provide a variety of educational seminars and workshops. Better Dads is located in Gresham, OR.

Discipleship Network of America Discipleship Network of America (DNA Ministries) is a network of people committed to reaching and discipling others, serving pastors, church and denominational leaders, men's ministries, the homeschool community, and individuals ministering in their homes and at work.

First Cause is a global missions ministry consisting of three teams. The Pathfinder Team ministers through worship and outreach concerts and seminars. The Prayer Team provides ongoing intercession. The Disciple Maker Team trains key contacts passionate about serving God in raising up and training disciple makers in the spirit of 2 Timothy 2:2. First Cause is headquartered in Tigard, OR.

New Commandment Men's Ministries helps churches recruit, train, organize and deploy teams of men that permanently adopt the widowed, single parents and others with long term needs in their church and community.

Men With A Purpose exists to assist local churches as they strengthen their men's disciple making ministries. They have a vision for all local churches to have healthy disciple making ministries to and through men.

National Coalition of Men's MinistriesThe National Coalition of Men's Ministries is a concerted effort by all segments of the Christian church to join in brotherhood, unity and mission in order to increase the overall effectiveness of reaching and discipling men in America.

G-men is about discovering the Godly man in each of us. G-men's goal is to assist every man with his walk with Jesus Christ. G-men's vision is to partner with the men of the local church to instill Christ likeness in each man's life. When Christ change's each man, he will change, his life, his home and his world.

A Chosen Generation A Chosen Generation is committed to connecting our young people to the church body in a significant way and helping them become strong leaders that walk in confidence as godly adults.

. Linking Shields is the outpouring of leaders in the community who work and serve in the Eastside marketplace of which attend local multi-denominational churches. Each month they hold a regional men's ministry event where men come together to hear the truth from a nationally recognized speaker and local men who live as real men in the world.

Life Coach is a ministry committed to the process of building better men through research, writing, teaching, and coaching in an effort to prepare men for works of service so that the church may be build up by modeling mature masculine disciples.

Take Your Stones Back is a ministry that calls for men to take back their God given roles and responsibilities at church, in the home, and in the community. It is a call to abandon the direction in which our culture is going and come back to a genuine, deep faith in God who has already designed men to be the leaders and guardians for our culture.7

People Matter Ministries People Matter Ministries helps people to discover, develop, and deploy their fingerprint of potential. - Hebrews 10:23-25; II Timothy 1:6

Pure Warrior Ministries provides help for men struggling with secret sexual sin. They accomplish this through their website, being a conduit to other ministries, providing ministry resources, and by presenting high impact workshops in Churches across the country. Their resources section provides a wide range of links to recovery assistance, information, and tools for men and their families.

Church for MenChurch for Men helps churches create an environment where men can thrive in every aspect of church life. Instead of creating a little outpost of masculinity called men’s ministry, they help churches unleash the masculine spirit throughout the organization.

The Council on Biblical Manhood & WomanhoodThe mission of The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is to set forth the teachings of the Bible about the complementary differences between men and women, created equally in the image of God, because these teachings are essential for obedience to Scripture and for the health of the family and the church

Men's FraternityMore than just a rally or a Bible study, “Men’s Fraternity” provides men with an encouraging process that teaches them how to live lives of authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ and directed by the Word of God.





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