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Iron Sharpens Iron - Attendees

Auburn WA - 2015

Brad, Sitting here at the airport getting ready to board for my missions trip to Romania & thought i would take time to thank you for all that you do!!

What an awesome time our men had in Auburn recently!!!! I took over the leadership of our men's ministry group at New Horizons Church of God in Shelton, WA a year and a half ago. We were able to gather 10 of us to attend last year, which was the first time for all of us & everyone came back changed in someway.We have seen the men's group grow both in numbers & in unity since then? This year we were able to bring 15 to the conference which I am proud to say represents about 70% of our men in attendance at church. We had 2 individuals give testimonies during Sunday morning service about the conference & how it changed their mindset on being the man God wants them to be. We are looking forward to next year and gathering even more in His Name.

Paul Dean
Men's Ministry Leader
New Horizons Church of God

Auburn WA

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Coaching and Consulting

Dr. Brad has been a personal encouragement in my life. He has given me many resources over the years and has spoken into my life at several levels. I’ve shared some exciting ministry moments with Dr. Brad and consider it a blessing to have worked side by side with a man who has a heart for advancing the Kingdom.

CT Rickard
Men's Ministry Leader
Abundant Life Community Church



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Brad Stewart


 Advancing the Kingdom of Heaven

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