The Life of David

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Introduction and Overview to the Life of David

Saul was the first king of Israel, but he disobeyed God and God rejected Him. God then chose the young shepherd David to take Saul's place as king. David serves Saul in the palace, but eventually a jealous Saul tries to kill him. After years of running from Saul, David secures the throne. His rise to power and his reign of Israel contain great victories as well as deep sins.

Part I - David's Rise

As a young man, David tended his father’s sheep in the wilderness. During these formative years, God molded his character and helped him develop several life skills as a shepherd. Besides shepherding skills, David learns to play a harp, compose Psalms of worship, grow physically and hit what he aims at with a sling. Throughout these early years, the young shepherd experiences a growing sense of dependence on God as he engages in a life struggle with wild animals seeking to devour the sheep in his father’s flocks. After God rejects Saul, he assigns Samuel to visit the home of Jesse and anoint one of his sons as the next king. Unknown to Saul, he drafts the future king into his service. Not having any state experience, David learns the basics for administrating a kingdom as a future king. 

Growing in his responsibilities and skills, David’s successes as a soldier thrust him into the national spotlight. The increased glory and attention David receives sets off a spirit of envy and jealousy that results in repeated tries to take David’s life. As a fugitive on the run from a murderous leader, David learns to wait on God’s timing. Eventually death comes to Saul and his sons while they are in battle against the Philistines. The people crown David as king of Judah fifteen years after his anointing.

Part II - David's Reign

David’s early reign reveals military victories and national triumphs. After seven more years, his kingdom expands to include sovereignty over all Israel.  As king, he sets up Jerusalem as the capital city and tries to bring the Ark of the Covenant back into its proper place. Eager to promote God’s name, David seeks God’s blessing to build a temple in the heart of Jerusalem. However, for God David shed too much blood. God gives David a greater promise that from his line, his kingdom will never end.

David’s later reign reveals deep sins and personal tragedy. After captivation by the beauty of a bathing woman, David commits adultery leading to her pregnancy. To cover up his sin, he tries to manipulate her husband. When this fails, he has him murdered in battle. Nathan the prophet confronts David with his sin. Even though David repents and God forgives him, he reaps the effects of his actions for the rest of his life. In his resulting years, he experiences family strife, incest, murder, and rebellion.

Conclusion to David's Life

David experiences highs and lows in life, just like every man. In the end, he realized that God was in his everyday world affecting his everyday circumstances. Like David, all men should make everyday life central in their thinking about God. Unlike David, all men should consider the outcomes of their behavior before they choose a course of action. David is a model of repentant faith whose failures are forgiven and whose accomplishments are the result of God’s purpose.

The Life of David - Study Materials

King David - A Man After God's Own Heart

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Below are audio downloads for this study series. All Scripture is from the ESV version of the Bible.

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Part 1 - David's Rise Part 2 - David's Reign
  Introduction and Overview Introduction and Overview
  1 - God Judges the Heart 1 Sorrow, Support, and Struggle
  2 - The Battle Belongs to the Lord 2 Reaction to Political Murder
  3 - Friendship, Envy, and Jealousy 3 Anointed and Victorious
  4 - Friendship and Brotherhood 4 Promise, Prayer, and Purpose
  5 - Trusting Self 5 The Danger of Lust
  6 - Turmoil and Tragedy 6 The Confession of Sin
  7 - Guided and Guarded 7 Family Turbulence
  8 - Opportunity for Revenge 8 Conspiracy and Rebellion
9 - Reacting with Anger 9 Curses, Counsels, Enemies, and Friends  
  10 - Trials and Compromise 10 Deathe and Deliverance
  11 - Revelation and Rejection 11 Rebellion and Retribution
  12 - Devastation and Death 12 Repentance and Revival
  Conclusion to David's Rise Conclusion to David's Reign




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