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Our products and services are tailored to equip local churches in their ministry to men and through men.


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Services (Training - Speaking - Coaching)

Ministry to and through men 

Kingdom Warrior’s primary purpose is to hep local churches succeed with their men by equipping leaders in ministry to men and through men. We accomplish this mission by providing the church with men’s ministry conferences, workshops, seminars, coaching, training services and ministry tools. After each ministry event, Kingdom Warrior supplies resources, consulting, coaching, and training to help churches implement an ongoing disciple making ministry to and through men. Through the brotherhood of Christ, we strive to help men serve God by using their time, talents, and treasures in an effort to transform their homes, their communities, and their churches for the glory of God.

For more information call 253-891-9698 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 253-891-9698 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email brad@KingdomWarrior.net.

Equipping Seminars for Men

gears 1. Developing a Successful Men's Ministry helps church leaders and pastors to design a new ministry or evaluate an existing ministry to men. After the workshop your ministry team will have a short and long range strategic design that is effective and efficient. Duration: 3-3.5 hours.Cost: $30.00 per man, includes workbook and soft copy of tools. $25.00 per man if 6 or more men.
team 2. Developing Your Men's Ministry Life Groups helps church leaders and pastors understand the unique dynamics for men in small groups using a sports relational model. After the workshop your ministry team will have the tools for starting, growing, and evaluating the effectiveness of your men's small group ministry. Duration: 3-3.5 hours. Cost: $25.00 per man, includes workbook and soft copy of tools
man_c 3. Battleground (Helping Men Live Courageously in the 21st Century) helps equip men for the battle of lust and pornography. To many men in the local church are habitually viewing pornographic material on the Internet. Given in four concise parts. Each part is followed up by table talk and application sessions. Duration: 3-3.5 hours. Cost: $25.00 per man, includes workbook
teamwork 4. Building a Ministry Team and Fostering Teamwork is a sequal to Developing a Successful Men's Ministry. Training provides tools and techniques for biblically growing a men's disciple making ministry team that works together to achieve church missions and biblical mandates for trasnformation. Duration: 3-3.5 hours. Cost: $25.00 per man, includes workbook

Motivational Messages

Here are some great resources for Men's Breakfasts, Men's Meetings and Weekend Retreats. Right click to download an Brothers a prfound message for God's Men (17 MEG).

Title Summary and Challenge
Kingdom Warriors in a Kingless Realm - Equipping Men for Worship, Work, and War Calls the men in your church to become warriors equipped for worship, work, and war as they labor for the King. Soon to be a book with study materials for small groups and weekend retreats.
Stepping Into the Dungeon of Sexual Immorality Examines the dangers of saying yes to lust, soft pornography, pornography, sexual addictions, and the corresponding consequences
Your Battle Grip on Prayer and God's Word Provides men with a visual model for grasping God's Word and praying: Adoration, Thanksgiving, Confession, Intercession and Petition
Becoming God's Man Today! Examines the life of Joshua and God's hand on his life. Provides principles and practical steps for becoming God's man today!
Brothers! We Are All In This Together Describes the importance of God's Word and a strong relationship with another man. Covers the process of relationships for all men.
Fear, Faith, and Friends Examines the life of David when he flees from Saul to Gath, fiegns insanity, and hides in a cave. Drives home the importance of crying out to God and allowing Him to provide family and friends in life and ministry.

 Coaching and Consulting

Many churches have sent their leaders to a qualified men’s ministry training event as well as spent money on purchasing tools and resources in an effort to create a healthy male environment and grow their church. Unfortunately, too many started out well and finished poorly often seeing a history of strong starts but stopping along the way far short of their goals or expectations. After each unsuccessful attempt, moral sinks and enthusiasm deteriorates.

Studies have shown that when a local church hungers to make men’s ministry a priority, the church will need someone to coach them through the challenges and road blocks associated with reaching men and building an effective ministry. The men’s ministry coach is a man who has a personal history of developing a Christ center disciple-making ministry to and through men.

Coaching helps the local church to bridge the knowing and doing gap. Coaching transforms an event-based ministry into a relational ministry to men and through men. The coaching structure is the relational context of a process in which needed information and encouragement is routinely passed on to the local church. An ongoing friendship is intentionally nurtured over an extended period of time into a trusted relationship. The relationship between the men’s ministry coach and the local church is the essential ingredient in coaching. Men’s Ministry coaches come alongside leaders and help them succeed in fulfilling their God given potential through the lives of men.

If you are interested in learning more about how Kigndom Warrior can help you by providing coaching and consulting, download our coaching guidelines.

May God bless your efforts as you invest in the lives of men.



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