Kingdom Warriors

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Kingdom Warriors in a Kingless Realm

We live in a strange and turbulent time. The recession continues to deepen, layoffs increase, unemployment rises, costs inflate, andcover morale sinks. Political lines are drawn and ideological arguments abound. Every day more and more churches are closing their doors. Truly, the enemy has done a masterful job at getting God’s people to focus on the world around them, and disengage from the command of Christ to make disciples. Our nation desperately needs godly men to take a stand for righteousness, men who don spiritual armor and live for His glory, men who live as warriors of light working daily to advance His kingdom. Unfortunately, the church is not doing well, and men are at the heart of this problem. The Church needs faithful Kingdom Warriors: men fully equipped for worship, work, and war.

This book is a call for the church to help men become strong men in Christ. Men who worship the King, work for His glory, and are not afraid to face the battles of life with a band of church brothers. If we are to become serving men of God that make a difference in the world, the church must do a better job of equipping men. Worship, work, and war are three critical areas for helping the average guy in church move from being an uninvolved spectator to a warring kingdom soldier.

What would the American church look like if all of its men were fully equipped for worship, work, and war? What would your church look like?

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What Other Men's Ministry Leaders are Saying About Kingdom Warriors in a Kingless Realm

“Kingdom Warriors is calling men off the sidelines and onto the battlefield! The next generation is desperate for men to disciple them and lead like never before. This is a call to rise above our Godless culture and make a difference for eternity.”   —Joe White  Founder of Men at the Cross and President of Kanakuk Kamps

 ”Brad Stewart is a tremendous spiritual warrior, and his vision of the battle raging around us is clear and compelling.  In a time when too many men are unaware of the life-and-death conflict unfolding around them, Brad is sounding a call to arms, rallying the sons of God to step into their birthrights as champions of His cause.  In Kingdom Warriors In A Kingless Realm, Brad has crafted a powerful and practical battle manual that is a must-read for every man who desires to live a life that will echo into eternity.  The stakes have never been higher.  You were made for something greater than yourself. A life of legacy leads through sacrifice. If you know these things to be true and have always longed for more, read this book! It’s time for the slumbering sons of God to rise up and put their armor on.” --Phil Downer, President of Discipleship Network of America, Author of Eternal Impact

“Men need more than just weapons and good intentions. They must know how to train and ultimately use weapons for the purpose of winning battles. Dr. Brad Stewart has devoted his life to equipping and training men for battle. Kingdom Warriors In a Kingless Realm is not just another book but a handbook for warriors.  It should be read as a military manual by men on a journey to become the warriors God created them to be for His glory.” --Dr. Chuck Stecker President of A Chosen Generation and Center for Intergenerational Ministry

"Brad Stewart is one of the strongest voices in the men's ministry movement.  His new book takes a hard look at godly masculinity and doesn't pull any punches about what it means to be a man.  I like it!" --Rick Johnson Bestselling author of Better Dads Stronger Sons, and The Power of a Man

 “Dr. Brad Stewart has a heart of gold and the desire of a warrior when it comes to teaching men, and standing with men who desire to worship the Creator.  However, men who do not worship God doctrinally sound are cancerous for our society (2 Tim. 4:2-4).  Dr. Stewart has put together excellent material to bring men to properly gaze at the face of our Lord.  That gaze changes a man’s life forever.”              --Ezechiel “Zeke” Bambolo, Jr. Author and Speaker, The First Born Son

Equipping men for spiritual battle is a task the Church must once again take-on if Christianity is to be an effective force in our culture. And prayer must be a core competency in their arsenal. It is evident Brad recognizes this truth as prayer is identified throughout the book. Men of God who are equipped to hear the voice of the Spirit and discern the mind of Christ have great potential to bring transformation to both individuals and communities. --Phil Miglioratti National Pastors' Prayer Network (




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 Advancing the Kingdom of Heaven

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